Jack Victor: The Epitome of Timeless Elegance

Our aim is to curate a men’s wardrobe of timeless, elegant pieces adapted to the lifestyle of the modern man. Using the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship, we offer thoughtfully designed menswear that goes beyond seasonal trends and will stand the test of time. Our commitment to accessible luxury, to our heritage, to our hometown of Montreal and to a forward-thinking approach are at the core of who we are and inspire everything we do.  


Our Story and the World of Men's Tailoring

To celebrate the 100 year mark, we shared our legacy in our published book. The third generation management ownership provide a touchstone for its corporate culture: integrity, authentic value and quality, diverse workforce and a responsible, Montreal made core tailored collection. You can get your hands on the digital centennial celebration e-book via your account page, create an account today.



Jack Victor Limited’s evolution into a leading North American manufacturer for men’s tailored clothing started in 1913, the year the company was founded. Today the company remains a family-owned business with Alan Victor, CEO, the third generation, following in the footsteps of his father Herschel and his grandfather Jack.


Our timeline

Migrates to Canada

Jack Victor leaves his native Romania and arrives in Quebec City.

Jack Victor's first retail store
1909 - First store opening

Jack opens his first retail store, and eventually owns four in Northern Ontario and Quebec.

1913 - The Royal Brand

The Royal Brand Clothing Company is established.

1920 - Moves to Montreal

Jack closes his stores and moves to Montréal to join The Royal Brand Clothing company.

Jack Victor and his sons Herschel and Arthur
1947 - Jack Victor & Sons is formed

Jack Victor becomes sole owner of Royal Brand and renames the company Jack Victor and Sons.

Construction of new Jack Victor factory in 1951
1951- Our new home

A new Montréal headquarters and factory building on Saint Alexander Street is completed

Sketched portrait of Jack Victor
1958- The passing of our founder

Jack Victor passes away at the age of 72; his son Herschel succeeds him.

Alan and Herschel Victor in 1989
1989 - Alan Victor joins the company

Alan Victor, Herschel's son and third generation, joins the company.

Jack Victor's New York City Showroom
1994 - Opening in NYC

The company opens US showrooms in New York City.

1996 - Our new President

Alan Victor named president of Jack Victor Limited.

Expansion of the Jack Victor Montreal factory
1998 - HQ Expansion

The company expands it manufacturing facilities to 150,000 sq feet.

Herschel Victor Portrait
2011 - The passing of Herschel

Herschel Victor passes away at the age of 88.

Jack Victor One Hundred Years Centennial Coffee Table Book
Our Centennial

In the company’s 100th year Jack
Victor: Our Story and the World of Men's Tailoring
is published.

Jack Victor Montreal Showroom
2015 - New Montréal showroom

A new Montreal showroom is opened.

Jack Victor Outerwear Collection
2018 - Outerwear comes back

The Company re-launches outerwear, its first collection since the 1960's.

Jack Victor Toronto Showroom
2019 - Toronto opening

A Toronto showroom opens.

Jack Victor Launches E-commerce with a new sportswear collection featuring the Cedar striped organic cotton sweater
2021 - Sportswear is introduced

Jack Victor launches its first sportswear, dress shirt and neckwear collections.

Jack Victor New Ecommerce Site Screenshot
2022 - Our digital presence

The Jack Victor E-commerce site launches, the first DTC initiative since 1920.

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Our Vision

To be a leading men’s lifestyle brand in the upper premium/accessible luxury segment with both omnichannel and international distribution, resonating with our customers’ needs, while emphasizing sustainability and responsible production in our supply chain.